Learn Truth. Live Faith. Build Hope.

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We're not just a school, we're a family

There are few things more important in life than our children’s wellbeing and their future. We dedicate our time instilling character traits, values and confidence in their young lives.

We wish for our students to grow up to lead more than they are led and to influence more than they are influenced. This is such an immense undertaking, but it is a journey we at Timothy Christian School are willing to take with our parents.

Why enroll at Timothy Christian School?

At Timothy Christian School, we work with our students to bring out their best in the classroom and on the playground. We encourage them to aim for excellence in all that they do.

TCS Achievements 80% of TCS graduates achieve honour roll status in high school
TCS Achievements Annual musical with 100% student involvement
TCS Achievements 93% participation in interscholastic sports
TCS Achievements Average class size is 15 students
TCS Achievements 100% of our parents would recommend TCS to their friends

Our Mission

Learn Truth. Live Faith. Build Hope.

Learning truth is all about educating, not with just science and math, but with life values. Living faith is applying what we have learned in our classrooms, our homes, and our communities. Building hope is how we partner with our parents to prepare our students for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

Our Vision Statement

Educating Christian leaders for tomorrow in our classrooms today.

To us this means that we know the importance of raising up students who will be leaders in all aspects of life. We strive to graduate students who understand their calling in the world, will accept that calling and have the skills required to be effective servants of Christ in this world.


We work with our students to bring out their best in the classroom and on the playground.

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We offer a variety of educational events througout the school year that are always a highlight.

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We know how important it is for families to be up to date with upcoming school and classroom activities.

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